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Stay at a bed & breakfast and connect with local people. Make your accomodation part of the journey.




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Quiet Pines Bed & Breakfast

Quiet Pines bed and breakfast offers you a relaxing, peaceful retreat in the small town of Morris.

19 Toronto Ave West
Phone: 1-204-746-8926
Cell: 1-204-746-4543
E-mail: shdae@mymts.net

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Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast

We're your outdoor adventure retreat. Come «home» to a warm hospitality in our two acre waterfront retreat on the Red River.

1246 Breezy Point Road
Phone: 1-204-482-7892
Toll free: 1-866-572-7309
E-mail: getaway@bridgeviewretreat.com

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Harlequin House B&B

A peaceful and secluded get away.

62 Tyler Drive
Phone: 1-204-785-8442
Toll free: 1-866-402-0875
E-mail: harlequinhouse@live.ca

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The Fidler House

Private guest house in rural setting.

103 Bunns Road
Phone: 1-204-482-5547
E-mail: fstewart310@mts.net

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St. Andrews

Cloverdale Bed and Breakfast

Rustic elegance.

785 Cloverdale Road
Phone: 1-204-482-4853
Toll free: 1-866-341-4827
E-mail: pam@cloverdalefarm.ca

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Evergreen Gate B&B

Evergreen Gate is the ideal destination - a peaceful, private and beautiful environment.

1138 River Road
Phone: 1-204-482-6248
Toll free: 1-877-901-0553
E-mail: info@evergreengate.ca

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St. Malo

Nestin' on Lakeview

The tranquil lake setting is yours to enjoy!

9 Lakeview Road
Phone: 1-204-347-4788
Cell: 1-204-746-5879
E-mail: ahjanzen@mts.net

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Winding River B&B

Winding River offers you a quiet, comfortable, private suite in a natural environment.

39 Upstream Crescent
Phone: 1-204-347-7491 or 1-204-712-6284
Toll free: 1-877-509-5998
E-mail: susiesarrasin@gmail.com or susie@ixtapatravel.ca

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St. Pierre-Jolys

Château Des Sages B&B

327 Sabourin Street North - Hwy 59
Phone: 1-204-433-3202
Toll Free: 1-866-226-2770
E-mail: lesage@mts.net

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Gite deForest B&B

The best part is serving breakfast and exchanging with our guests in the morning. Quelle plaisir de faire connaissance avec nos invités.

512, Côté Avenue
Phone: 1-204-433-7870 or 1-204-746-0032
Toll free: 1-866-661-7870
E-mail: nicole.nrl@gmail.com or raylav10@gmail.com

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Ste. Agathe

Gite Maison près de la Rouge B&B

425 Lemoine Street
Phone: 1-204-882-2493
Toll Free: 1-866-295-8046
Email: maisonpdlrouge@mymts.net

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West St. Paul

Hidden River Country House

3615 Main Street
Phone: 1-204-334-8480

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