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Water On The Land - Sustainable Stormwater Management Guide L'eau et le sol - Guide de gestion des eaux pluviales This award winnipeg guide was released in March 2012.  It is a user-friendly guide that helps persons understand stormwater management, create bio-retention projects, and assists persons to learn how to undertake the process.


Rivers West has developed four (4) curriculum guides to help Canadian teachers use the Red River as an example when teaching the Manitoba curriculum.

All guides provide local information, encourage hands-on site-based learning and contain hundreds of activities and fieldtrip ideas that match curriculum outcomes. They include:

Habitat Means Home (grade 4 science) Mon habitat, c'est là où je vis guide (4e année science)

Historic Places of the Red River-vol 1 + 2 (grades 4-6 social studies) Endroits historiques de la rivière Rouge (études sociales de la 4e à la 6e année)

Red River Basin Water System guide (grade 8 science)

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Reports & Research

Rivers West & Winnipeg Trails 2014 Annual Report

We are pleased to share the 2014 Annual Report for our organization with you.  

View the Strategic Plan Highlights to see the broads lines of Rivers West objectives and activities concerning the natural environment, culture and heritage, recreation, infrastructure, marketing, promotion and product development as well as administration. 


Vision 2030 Plan for Red River Corridor

Rivers West and its stakeholders have undertaken a comprehensive process to review and evaluate community plans and visions since the early 70s', and consulting to determine was is important for the Red River Corridor looking forward to 2030.

The firm of Sctaliff + Miller + Murray was hired to assist with the process.  The completed Vision 2030 Plan and report  for the Red River Corridor  was released to the public in March 2013.


River Road at Lower Fort Garry - Fixing the «GAP»

The drawing set produced includes an overview and context plan; four block detail plans; proposed trail sections through the length of the project; and a proposed pavement design section (granular base for future asphalting).

Archived Reports

One of the roles that Rivers West plays is that of a catalyst. In many instances, Rivers West coordinates research that is instrumental in moving initiatives forward. The following resources are available for your own interest and use:

Rivers West Annual Report - December 2014

Rivers West Annual Report - December 2013

Rivers West Annual Report - December 2012

Rivers West Activity Report - March 11th, 2011 (14MB - PDF)

Stakeholder Community Meetings Report - June 2011 (17MB - PDF)

Rivers West 2007-2009 Progress Report (700 KB - PDF)

River Access Assessment - Final Report (36 MB - PDF)

Floodway Expansion Recreation Consultation Study - Final Report (32.5 MB - PDF)

Strategic Trail Plan for Winnipeg (2.5 MB - PDF)

Fort Dufferin Study (21.4 MB - PDF)

Canadian Heritage Rivers System Nomination Document (19 MB - PDF)

A Management Approach for the Red River in Manitoba (7.9 MB - PDF)

Floodway Trail Opinion Survey Results (44KB - PDF)


Floodway Trail Plan and Drawings

Access (5.3MB - PDF)

Attractions (3.8MB - PDF)

Climate and Buffers (7MB - PDF)

Floodway Engineering (5.4MB - PDF)

Floodway Sections (0.9MB - PDF)

Landscape Units (6.8MB - PDF)

Links and Loops (4.8MB - PDF)

Opportunities and Constraints (5.7MB - PDF)

Opportunities and Constraints (base) (5.6MB - PDF)


Floodway Expansion Q&A

Click here to view the Floodway Expansion questions and answers.


Greenway Activity

Greenway report (0.3MB - PDF)

Map 1 (0.2MB - PDF) Map 2 (0.5MB - PDF) Map 3 (0.3MB - PDF)
Map 4 (0.6MB - PDF) Map 5 (0.2MB - PDF) Map 6 (0.3MB - PDF)

Greenway concept (0.5MB - PDF)

Greenway existing conditions (0.4MB - PDF)