Rivers West - A New Future for Manitoba's Red River

Rivers West Red River Corridor Boundaries

Our not-for-profit organization has a mandate to assist, promote, coordnate and facilitate events and initiatives for all communities that are located along the Red River Corridor from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg.

All municipalities and towns whose boundaries are within two miles from the Red River are considered Rivers West stakeholders.

The Red River

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Fishing on the Red

The Red River can provide some of the best recreational angling fishing in Manitoba. Take a look at where you can fish all along the Red River Corridor and what type of fish you can catch! 


Flood Tour 

The water in the Red River has a tendency to fluctuate and even to flood during the spring. This guide will indicate where you can observe the Red River's water levels in designated safe locations from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg. 


Canadian Heritage Rivers System

The Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS) is Canada's national river conservation program. It promotes, protects and enhances Canada's river heritage, and ensures that Canada's leading rivers are sustainably managed.to conserve their distinctive natural, cultural and/or recreational values.

In 2007, the Red River was the thirty-seventh Canadian river to join the CHRS, and is designated in recognition of its unique cultural values. 

Read about the Red River and its pivotal role in the historical, cultural and economic development of Western Canada.


Be BOATsmart!

A Pleasure Craft Operator Card is required to operate power-driven boats and watercraft in Canada - It’s The Law.
Every person who operates a motorized boat in Canada must obtain proof of competency. You can obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card by passing a Transport Canada Accredited boating safety test. Getting your Operator Card proves that you are a competent boater and ensures that you understand Canada’s navigation rules and how to boat safely. 
Boaters can obtain their official Pleasure Craft Operator Card, commonly known as a boat license or boat card, by successfully passing the BOATsmart! exam.


The Red River Floodway

Read the story of one of Canada's biggest excavation projects: The Red River Floodway.