Rivers West - A New Future for Manitoba's Red River

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Rivers West

Dedicated to developing the Red River corridor as a destination, Rivers West is focused on creating year round recreational, tourism, economic and conservation opportunities from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg.

Vision & Mission Statements


The Rivers West Vision is: To make Manitoba’s Red River a destination

The concept of ‘destination’ implies:

  • that a significant number of people (tourists, educators, environmentalists, etc.) would seek out the Red River Corridor as a primary choice for travel;
  • that the Red River Corridor would be their choice because it offers a unique or superior experience, building upon a competitive advantage it holds over comparable destinations; and
  • that the Red River Corridor has established a local, national, and international reputation in recognition of its attractions

 The Rivers West Mission is: “Build on the Red’s Canadian Heritage River status to pursue sustainable economic development along the Red River Corridor through tourism and conservation.”



“To develop and implement a long-term tourism and conservation strategy focusing on the development, promotion, and management of the natural, tourism, cultural, heritage and recreational resources of the Red River from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg.”


The following principles are particularly critical to Rivers West. These principles will help guide the day-to-day work of the organization as it seeks to achieve its goals.

Our development approach is built on partnerships and environmentally sound practices.

Through partnerships with private and public stakeholders, Rivers West will coordinate initiatives, encourage complementary development, and preserve and enhance the province's cultural and heritage resources.

Together with our partners, Rivers West will:

  • Partnership: working with industry leaders and others to build win/win relationships and leverage resources.
  • Adaptability: responding with flexibility and speed given the freedom of a non-government organization.
  • Balance: representing all stakeholder interests fairly in consideration of the needs of the entire Corridor.

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